5 ‘PORN STAR SECRETS’ to Last Longer in Bed

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Hi, this is Kurt Collins and today, I am going to share secrets that will help you to last longer in bed with your girlfriend, wife or dream partner. Let’s admit it the most common problem almost every men faced is Premature Ejaculation (aka PE). Ask any grown-up men you want to ask, they will say Premature Ejaculation is the problem that they want to end it overnight. That’s true premature ejaculation not only damages relationship very badly but it also damages your confidence as … [Read more...]

Real Facts about Penis Enlargement Bible Revealed in This Review

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Before purchasing any product, it is important to gather complete information about it and I am glad you make a right decision. In this post I am going to reveal facts I found inside Penis Enlargement Bible or PE Bible that will help you in making your final buying decision. What is The Penis Enlargement Bible? Recently there is lots of buzz about this guide in different forums, blogs and Yahoo Answers. PE Bible is created by John Collins after the research on man’s body. In this program … [Read more...]

Top 10 Sex Positions to Make Your Sex Spicy

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We all know sex is the most physically attractive and exciting activity we want to get engage in. The best way to make sex life even more interesting is trying new and unique things with your partner in the bed. Dressing in sexy costume, toys all make sex interesting but new and unique sex positions can make sex more physically enjoyable. Think for a second what feeling you will get when you undress your woman’s sexy “Cat Women” costume and giving her strokes in new and interesting … [Read more...]

Measuring Penis Size – Do you have average penis size?

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Measuring the penis size is the first and important activity every guy should perform. Many guys don’t feel conformable while finding the proper method of measuring penis that is why most guys don’t have any idea about how to measure penis correctly. Measuring penis length and girth is vital because it enables you to track your performance from time to time and also help you in selecting right condom. What are Tools Required? There are different ways to measure penis properly and all these … [Read more...]

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